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Monday, 27 February 2012

Hyde Seal Swimming Club

The  Team  That  Beat  The  World



Since Nancy and myself started this venture we have been ever so lucky to get books offered us... one such book came all the way from Canada.. today's book didn't come that far but I wanted to show it to you.  We did a post about a group of Belgium swimmers and Marjorie Davies (the books author) got in touch and told us we'd find her book useful for future posts on 'The Seals'. The book is in the library, but Marjorie kindly donated this to us ... for which we are very grateful and assure her it will be put to good use.
These books are now hard to come by, but Marjorie still as a few copies left to sell, so if you'd like your very own copy contact us here by email and I will gladly pass your request on. 


Hydonian said...

Marjorie, did you used to give swimming lessons at Hyde baths?

David Grant said...

My name is David Grant.I received a post from Marjorie on November 6/2018.We are related but have not had contact for many years.I have no link to contact and would be grateful if anyone could ask her to e mail me again with her e mail address' Post to david.grant2765@yahoo.com
Many thanks.

David Grant said...

Received a post from Marjorie on 6/11/18 but had no link to respond.would be grateful if anyone could contact her so she could give me her e mail address.

Many Thanks.