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Monday, 20 February 2012

Big Tree ( Family Tree )

The 'Big Tree' which stood on Stockport Road Gee Cross


Family Tree Help Needed

We have had an email from Dave Sheldon which I think is interesting as apart from the usual search for relations he is seeking help with the work they did. I'll let Dave take over now....

Part of my family moved to the Dukinfield/Hyde area in the 1870s. All the women in the family worked in the cotton Industry. I am trying to work out which Cotton Mill they would have worked at. Maybe the houses they lived in were built by one of the cotton mill owners.Cencus returns indicate the following..

For Mary Sheldon

1871 Census at 16 Magdala St , Newton Heath ,Manchester , Age 22 Cotton worker
Living with parents William & Agnes Sheldon , Esther Bell – sister , Hannah Taylor-sister and William Taylor-Brother-in –Law

1881 Cencus at 138 Ashton Road , Newton , Hyde age 32
 Living with Hannah Taylor-sister ,William Taylor-Brother-in –law, Martha Taylor-niece , William Taylor-nephew , Mary Taylor-niece , Agnes Taylor-niece, Esther Bell-sister

1891 Cencus at 279 Birch Lane Dukinfield, Age 41 Head, Occupation Jack Frame Tenter
Living with Esther Bell (formerly Esther Sheldon) widowed sister age 50, Occupation Jack Frame Tenter

1901 Cencus at 6 Gregory St , Newton , Hyde. Age 52 head
Living with Esther Bell , (formerly Esther Sheldon) sister age 60, William Taylor –nephew Age 26

1911 Cencus at 5 Stafford’s Buildings , Newton , Hyde , Age 62 , A Cotton card Room Hand
Living with niece Mary Taylor Age 32
Buried age 81 on 12 June 1929 at Hyde Cemetry

I Would be grateful if you could avise me, or point me in the right direction.
Regards Dave

Thanks Dave for contacting us... it will be interesting to see what turns up on this.


Dave Williams said...

As far as the 1901 census is concerned, Gregory Street in Newton used to run off Ashton Road up the side of Hyde Mill.

Dave Williams said...

I've been trying to come up with something here with the Hyde and Dukinfield addresses but haven't really come up with anything. As I said before Gregory Street was at the side of Hyde Mill and if the house numbering is similar now to what it was in those years then 138 Ashton Road would have been on the right-hand side (coming from Hyde) just before Gregory Street. Birch Lane is a continuation of Ashton Road and number 279 should have been somewhere round about where Dewsnap Lane now is. Where Stafford's Buildings was I've not been able to find out. The other 3 addresses, though, are quite close to Hyde Mill but unfortunately Hyde Mill wasn't built till 1906 so Mary Sheldon couldn't have worked there at the times she lived at those addresses. I have a booklet entitled Hyde Cotton Mills and if you've got this Tom, perhaps you can scan the location plan facing page 1 and display it on the blog - it may be of some help to Dave Sheldon. If you've not got the booklet let me know and I'll scan it and send it to you.

Tom said...

Cheers Dave.. I've not had time to do much today... teacher training day today.. so we had all the grandchild this morning... thanks for the time you have spent on this.. I'll email you as I haven't got the booklet you mention..

Dave Sheldon said...

Thanks for your time spent on this.I have done some more research. Newton Buildings are located on the 1911 Cencus between Smith Street and Ashton Road. Also a friend has lent me a copy of Hyde Cotton Mills. The book indicates that there were 4 cotton mills active in the area north of Hyde between 1870 and 1920. These were Johsonbrook Mill(was located just north of where Hyde mill is) , Newton Moor Mills , Bayleyfield Mill and Carrfield mill.

Tom said...

Cheers Dave for updating us.. I hope more turns up in the future.