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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Hare and Hounds

 Here is a nice postcard of the Hare & Hounds Pub on Werneth Low Road circa 1910.


A recent picture courtesy of Google maps.

It doesn't seem to to have changed an awful lot externally in 100 years except for the extension...but the inside is a different story !
Absolutely stunning views all year round which makes it a very popular destination whatever the season.

A nice sketch from the other direction.

The Hare and Hounds pub on Werneth Low is the oldest licensed premises in the district. Records show that there was an inn here in 1794. It was once a farmhouse situated on the old Roman Road from Melandra, near Glossop, to Stockport. Between 1838 and 1850 horse racing was practised here. Walter Mansfield managed the inn from 1929 to 1983. When he took residence it was derelict; no water, electricity, or sanitation. Later Walter installed his own generator. His motto was "less talking, more drinking". During the 1960's and 1970's the hunt used to gather here on Boxing Day!

The Hare & Hounds is situated in  Werneth Low Country Park, 800 feet above sea level with panoramic views overlooking five counties!  
 In the car park there is a Cold-War bunker which housed telephone lines and connections to Whitehall.
Further back in time there is, apparently, an ancient burial ground in an ajoining field !


Anonymous said...

Barry ibn Oz here, my wife and I were on holidays from Oz in 2010 and took my elderly Mum for lunch at this Pub. Great food, lovely ambiance, funnily enough I was born and bred in Hyde but had never been to it before. One of the things I miss about the UK, Pub lunches.

Tom said...

Hi Nancy.. we have been sent the links before about the Hare and Hounds Bunker... I came across them a year or two back quite by accident and was amazed I'd not heard about it before... the bunker was opened in 63 for the Cold War..
The links were sent in a while back by David Diamond and again today by a relation of mine David Hamilton..
As for the pub it was mentioned in the local press that the manager suffered a knife wound after a robbery took place... My mind drifted back to the old landlord Walter Mansfield... and it went through my mind it wouldn't have happened in his day.... he's have shouted at them ... never mind hot them with salt pellets from a blunderbuss..

judiandleebrown@btinternet.com said...

Hello, my name is Lee Brown and I am putting together a book of photographs recording the history of Hyde Cricket Club. This is to go with the History of the Club I wrote a few years ago. I am hoping someone has a photo of Walter Mansfield, alias The Squire of Werneth Low and ex landlord of the Hare and Hounds. Walter was a great friend of the Club and in 1980 he was made an Honorary Life Member of the Club. I have photos of all the other Life Members but not of Walter. I would appreciate it if anyone who has one, could you please e/mail me a copy to judiandleebrown@btinternet.com
Thank you,
Lee Brown.

Anonymous said...

hi,av bean reading threw at all emails and post,, wow,looking at old picters photos,,as a ex tenant of hattersly I remember the hivy club,,nee..chapman arms add meny good times there..joen and ken,youst to run it,,my mum and all frends yuost to meet on a sundays and thirsdays,,am not sure if it still going,,still think about hatterley and old pols that lived there,,ha,,hichty feet hay,,,was so sad that hattersly is so changed a lot!,,miss my old pols,, ex tenant colin,