Hyde Name Origins.

The name "HYDE" is derived from the hide, a measure of land for taxation purposes, taken to be that area of land necessary to support a peasant family. In later times it was taken to be equivalent to 120 acres .
March 2014
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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Gerrards, Gee Cross

"As a youngster during the War, a favourite place to play was Pole Bank and between exploring in the woods and playing Cricket or Football on the paddock [until the groundsman threw us off] we had a great time. 

On the way home, we would turn left outside Pole Bank and I remember a setback row of old cottages and then Bagshaw's farm then another row of cottages that came out to the sidewalk and at the end of this row was a tower. I came across this photo the other day in a book and it brought memories flooding back. This was our "Haunted House". At that time is was in disrepair and nothing like the photo here but, you could go inside and climb the stairs and look out of the upstairs windows. For some reason it seemed to us as the scariest place around and we were convinced it was haunted. Even though we were scared to death to go inside, somehow kids were, and probably still are, wanting to get scared, perhaps because we knew that however scared we were, we always got safely home for our dinner. 

The caption on the photo says that it was built by the Ashtons and was a clock tower to help their employees get to work on time.There was an inscription around the clock face "Whilst thou lookest I fly".... "

   photo f9eeb33e-34c1-41ea-8e6b-b80285170cfe.jpg  
Another great account and photo sent to us by Graham Sharp. 
Many Thanks, Graham !!


Dave B said...

Great historical photo Graham.Those cottages look basic,must have been a rough life for many in those days. Would like to see more of this particular area the Gerrards.

JohnT said...

Did the petrol station replace the row of cottages?

Susan Jaleel said...

John I could be quite wrong here but I think the petrol station was built on the site of the old parsonage. What do others think?

Anonymous said...

The gas station is where the old vicarage used to be, when we still lived there it had been converted into apartments.

Looking on Street View of Google Maps, there is a vacant, overgrown lot to the Woodley side of the gas station and you can see quite
clearly that a row of old building stones have been left from what might have been the old cottages and clock tower.

From Graham.

JohnT said...

I was referring to the old petrol station that was there in the 40's / 50's, not the SKF car showroom. I thought that the old parsonage building was at the corner of Stockport Road and Apethorn Lane and the petrol station was next to it on the Woodley side.

Susan Jaleel said...

Yes, I think you're right John. The parsonage was on the corner with the old petrol station nearer to Pole Bank. I guess SKF was built on the site of the parsonage.

Jeff Sherwin said...

Our family moved from Dukinfield to Apethorn Lane during 1947, Our Grandma Beattie Sherwin worked at Bagshaws Dairy, I found an old jacket as I wandered over a meadow, there was a ten shilling note in a pocket, I gave it to Jimmy, our cousin Terry is still friends with the young John Bagshaw.We left for Canada in 1967, reading these pages is wonderful.

Stuart Redfearn said...

I live in one of the 5 cottages between Pole Bank and Bagshaws farm and am desperate to find any old photos of them. I have been trying for nearly 10 years but to no avail. Can anyone help

David Roscoe said...

Perhaps Stuart Redfearn or another visitor to this blog has knowledge of why Bagshaw's farm and the adjacent house appears to have been abandoned? Such a waste!

David Roscoe said...

Perhaps Stuart Redfearn or another visitor to this blog has knowledge of why Bagshaw's farm and the adjacent house appears to have been abandoned? Such a waste!

Stuart Redfearn said...

The Bagshaw farm and house have been empty for some 20 years now as a result of a dispute between John Bagshaw and his sister. What a sad waste!!

Stuart Redfearn