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Friday, 17 September 2010

Aerial Views continued

Here we have another in the series of Aerial views over Hyde supplied as always by John Hopwood. As before this dates from around 1987.


This one shows Byles DIY centre, Hyde Caravan Sales, Hyde Furnishing Company (now Oaklands) ,Hyde Sports (now a household goods shop), Jolly Carter pub and Andrews Gift shop which stood for many years on the corner of Hoviley Brow (now renamed as an extension of Clarendon Place). To the left of Byles you can see the Royal Albert (?) pub ,now the Bike and Hound and the Onward Pools betting shop ,later Fred Dones. In the background you can see Ashton Brothers or Carrfield Mill to give it its proper name. In the far distance you can see the Spire of St Stephen's Church in Floweryfield.


Tom said...

I was managing the Royal Albert (Red House) 86/87. At that time Onward Pools was owned by Joe Mears... I could do a post or two on Joe.. he was a great bloke.. ran the 'book' at a few pubs and taight others how to do it... I had a lot of time for Joe.. he was as stronge as an Ox even in old age... I recall him lifting an engine onto a bench at the engeering and transport yard. His eldest son Ken still runs the transport business.. and like his dad before him is a great bloke.. I am proud to say I know the family well.

Another great view over the town Nancy..

JohnR said...

Royal Albert (redhouse) where two people i'm proud to have as friends courted and are still together to-day with two generations behind them Was the picture taken from Chartist house or John Grundy?

Tom said...

Cheers John... Yes it was the Red House I met Jane.. she used to call in to see her Dad... and the rest is history... Her dad sold to me for a pint of dark mild and 2 Rum and Blacks.. On our first date he did te bar for me... when we got back the rum was nearly empty and Neville was glowing.. ha!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your charming header photo of Victorian times makes me think that it might have been like that when my grandparent decided to cross the pond to Canada to start life over again in Toronto when it was a very British place. They left Stoke on Trent behind.

Ghost of Red Pump St said...

Loving these Aerial pictures.