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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

View from Chartist House.


This is a view of Hyde taken from Chartist House in 1984. It is looking over to the Town Hall . It was kindly sent to us by Peter Maugham. I love the fact that Hyde Lads Club ,complete with Gymnasium is on here - such a sad day when it was demolished.


Ghost of Red Pump St said...

Not only the Lads Club but also the Gasometer, another land mark on the Hyde sky line now gone. I only vaguely remember it from walks with my dad on the canal. I do remember him saying it was of the German design unlike the rise and fall ones at Denton and Stockport !!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I was going to ask but ghost has already answered - a gasometer - where was this then - was it on the site of Hyde Pit near Over Yonder?

Tom said...

Hi Gerald..
Hyde Gas Works was on Raglan street... over looking the feilds and the the Showmans Guild settlement... I'll sort a post out.
What a shame about the lads clubs... and when you think it is still just a rough bit of ground for parking on.. very sad indeed.

Chris Han said...

I used to frequent the lads club quite a lot in the late '70's. I used to spend a fortune on the brand new video game machine, Space Invaders. Also, having to ask for an old tanner for the Table Football machine.

I remember the old guy who helped out there was called Colin, and he had very crooked leg.