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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Coach Trip From The White Hart

We recently received an email from Harry Smith... he said he stumbled across the blog by accident, well we are happy to welcome Harry to the blog no matter how he found us.. and that goes for many of you who stop by and look in here.


Name over the door says Charles Percival Wheawill 

Harry sent these pictures which I'm sure will go down well. he said that even though his mother and some of her friends are in the pictures he dose not know much more about them. He says one of the pictures shows who the landlord was at the time and another contains a Mrs. Howard Mother of Cephas Howard who played with the Temperence seven he believes. She went on to become the landlady of the Grapes Hotel in Gee Cross.


I can see a few beer crates on the top of the coach... and nice to see it's from Gee Cross Motors.. We'd like to see more of their vehicles.  In the back ground is Fletcher Millers which became Castrol.


White Hart Street


I do like this picture, and though I do not know anyone on this picture I see faces from my past... maybe daughters and sons who have the same features... I would love to put names to these and hear from their relations.. maybe someone knows where this trip ended up.. I bet they had a great time where ever it was. I am pleased we have these pictures and more so because it shows the White Hart... which as now been pulled down and rebuilt as flats.


ian... said...

Brilliant Tom - look at the coaches & I wonder where they were going?

Managed to find White Hart St on Googley Maps - I was going to have a wander past for a look but the pubs gone. Grrrr...

I take it the bit of Mill you can see at the back of the 3rd pic is Ashton Bros.?

Tom said...

Yes that's right Ian, on the third shot we are looking down 'Old Road' the building on the left are still there.. not so sure if they are all there... just past the houses is the junction where the round-a-bout is.. I hope more pictures come forward of Fletcher Millers, and Gee Cross Motors. I'll try to find more pictures of the White Hart Ian.. not a pub ever went in but it was very popular at one time...

Hydonian said...

Wow! fabulous photos there and great post .
Thanks for sharing your photos, Harry.
I used to walk past this pub every week as my Nan lived on Bennett Street then later on I used to go past on the bus up to Astley Grammar School - A real blast from the past!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Great photos. I'm wondering what year this was? Looks around the early 50's or could it be the late 40's. I've never seen a day trip for the ladies before, good one:)

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how they would all be dressed now!....

Dave Williams said...

Gerald England did a post on 'Old Hyde' about Gee Cross Motors on 31 Aug 2007.