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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Albion Street (Disappeared Streets 5)

Albion Street was a street that ran across from Henry Street to Great Norbury Street. It was a street typical to most of Hyde that comprised of two up/two down terraced housing. It was demolished circa 1992 to make way for a green play area and garden for use of the local housing which hasn't much in the way of open space.

Map of 1897 showing Albion Street and the surrounding area.

albion st
Newly cleared area ready for the commencement of work on the "Green" area.Circa 1992

Aerial map from 2010 showing the finished park named "Croft Millenium Green".

Top right you can see the recent development of a new Elderly care home,Hatton Grange which is built on the site of the old Police Station on Onward Street.


Tom said...

I'd forgot all about the street Nancy... I remember it being knock down now... recently walked across the park and was pleased as it looked well...

JohnR said...

I all so thought this was a good idea its a shame the natural and indegenous population have no chance to use it

joan buckley said...

realy enjoying this site just found. I was born in Albion Street in 1952, number 10, my grandads house. My mum and dad and older sister and myself lived there with my grandad (yep, only two up two down!)until we moved quite soon after I was born to Lanegate (off Knott Lane, Gee Cross). Joan Buckley

Tom said...

Hello Joan
Thank you for your comments, I'm so glad you have enjoyed the site...
I know Lane Gate very well as I grew up on the Cheetham Fold Estate... I have happy memories of that area and the shops, the woods the railways lines and of course the people. Many of the families still live on the estate and I get up there often.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joan,

I'm currently trying to research my family tree, my uncle Frank Marshall was living in Albion Street in 1948 when he got married, is there any chance that any of your family remember him and help to fill me in with details?

Rob Marshall

Rob Marshall said...

Sorry should have added that i can be contacted by email at rm@manx.net