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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Enfield Street School Gee Cross

Enfield Street School Photo's

I've reposted this again as more picture and a few names have been added.. we might be able to get them all named soon... just need one of us who are in the pictures to still have a good memory.. ;o)

I think this is taken in 63-64... as my older brother John is on this... he is the 4th from the right on the 3rd row. Coming back towards the right is Brian Howarth, and Mick Gee.. Sat down on the end of the front row .. far left.. is (Baby) Nigel Pattison... and 3rd from the right is Phil Ratz. I would be pleased to know the names of any others on this picture.


This would have been around the same date as the picture above.. this is the infant class.. The teacher on the left is Mrs Cliff.. and on the right I think she was called Mrs Lucas. The 3 lads on the right of the back row are David Gee, Steve Mitchell, and Roger Jones (RIP). Next row down I'm 3rd for the end on the right.. The other two who's names I can remember are sat at the front.. 3rd from the right looking very smart is Steve Taylor, and on the very end (right) is David Ogden. If you know any other let us know please.


I think this was taken 66-67 Thats me on the left end of the back row... Steve Michell is next to me.. move six to the right and thats David Gee. I know part of the names of most on here but not 100% so again please fill me in on this. I remember going through these pictures with my mum just before she died in 1991... I came across this on and noticed I was wearing a boy scout jumper.. complete with badges.... I told mum I could not remember ever being in the boy scouts.. she chuckled and told me that was correct.. I'd never been in the scouts... but Eddie Piper who lived on Farm Lane had, and his mum used to pass Eddies old cloths on for me... ha!

Back Row: Chris Douglas, Richard Platt, - Valentine, Nigle Bowden, Ronnie Smith, Steve Gee, and David Richardson.
3rd Row: -?-, - King, Dave Gee, - Hitchcock, Tom Wigley (me), Ian -, -?-, David Billinge, Mike Sherstone, Roger Jones R.I.P., Billy Howarth.
2nd Row: Head Mistress Miss Hall. Julie Cliff, -? -, Linda Curtis, Janet Dumbar, Julie Walker, Deborah Booth, -?-, -?-, Diana Wood, -?-,
Front Row: -?-, Wendy Simpson, Susan Ollerenshaw, Judith Buttery -?-, Gillian Robertson.
My thanks to Stephen Whoolley for helping with the above names.... it would be great if the rest could have there names included.... I recall them all from my childhood but alas their names escape me now.

More info .. this time names and more pictures from Wendy Johnson(Simpson) who now lives in Canada.. thanks Wendy for sending the three pictures below.


Can you put names to any of the above in Picture 1


Can you put names to any of the above in Picture 2


Can you put names to any of the above in Picture 1

Thanks again to Wendy for sending in these... no all we need to do is fill in the names ha!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom and Nancy.

Great stuff, ah the memories.Teacher with the glasses is Mrs Lucas.

front row 2nd left Duncan Pepper.Me Brother.

Also,Your pic with you on far top left....includes far top right Duncan Pepper.

Hello to all and I presume Wendy might be Denise (nee) Simpsons sister, Hi Denise from Maurice Pepper.

Merry Xmas to all from Tasmania.

Tom said...

Thanks for the up date Maurice.. it is that long since you left I had forgot how your Duncan looked back then.. I remember going around to your house and I'm sure I was playing out with Duncan the day before you left. At the time I was gutted to loose a friend.. all the very best to you and all your family.. and Happy Christmas to you you to.. ha!

Gill Reese said...

Iam an ex school pupil and i apear on four of your school photos. My name is Gillian Reese nee Robinson. My brother Eric is also on one of the photos. I am able to put names to some of the class members that you are unable to identify. I look forward to hearing from you, regards G Reese {mrs}

Tom said...

Hello Gill, or Gillian as I think I remember you as.... I hope this finds you well... feel free to put the names here in a comment of email the blog at hydonian@gmail.com We are always on the look out for more pictures and such like.. Thank you for commenting.