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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hyde In War Time (1914-16) Page 27-28


After the national register there was a recruiting campaign, under Lord Derby’s scheme of attestation. During this campaign great numbers of men, married and single, throughout the country went to the recruiting offices and attested for military service in the event of being called up. No man of military age was allowed to canvass. In Hyde Borough there were about a hundred canvassers, including a few ladies. The chief work of the canvassers was to call on men, particularly the younger and the single men, of military age, and submit to them reasons why they should respond to their Country’s call. For canvassing purposes the Borough was divided into ten districts, each district having a captain, besides the canvassers. It was understood that no information submitted to canvassers would be made public, all the canvassers, being pledged to secrecy. On Monday evening, 8th November, 1915, the captains and canvassers held a meeting in the Court Room, Corporation Street, to discuss their duties, and were addressed by the Mayor (Councillor Stanley Welch). In connection with this canvas two well-known local solicitors, Mr. Adrian Smith and Mr. Albert Slater, acted as hon. Secretaries. When the canvass was approaching completion, it was reported that on the whole they had been well received. The captains and canvassers, with the various districts, were :-

Godley Township. - Captain, Alderman Perrin. Canvassers : Messrs, E. J. Cobbett, B. Hibbert, Walter Hibbert, J. McGinty, F. Molloy, T. Tickle.

No.1 Polling District. - Captain, Councillor W. Pope. Canvassers : Councillor Winterbotham, Councillor Worrall, T. Horrocks, R. Redfern, -. Jones, -. Kitchen, G. H. Purssglove, T. H. Whitworth, W. Baker, Wm. Shaw, C. Morris, Jesse Walker, Mrs. Mirfin, Miss Dann.

No.2 Polling District. - Captain, Councillor Fletcher. Canvassers : Messrs. W. Gledhill, J. Foden, F. Pleasance, J. Marshall, J. Carr, H. Timperley.

No. 3 Polling District, - Captain, Mr. James Diggle. Canvassers : Mr. R. Craig, Mrs. Danby, Miss Diggle, Messrs. J. Charlton, W. Robinson, C. Duxbury, E. B. Charnley, H. Knowles, (Councillor) A. Shaw, G. Whyatt.
No. 4 Polling District. - Captain, Mr. A. Williamson. Canvassers : Messrs. J. Heginbotham, J. Simon, J. Wooliscroft, J. Horsfield, J. Kempster, H. Secker, J. Singleton, T. Cooper, A. Ward.

No. 5 Polling District, - Captain, Alderman Kenny, Canvassers : Messrs. S Mace, F. Gregory, H. C. Buttery, Mrs. Morrisey, Miss Mattin, Mrs. Stafford, Miss Quinn.

No. 6 Polling District. - Captain, Mr. C. H. Brogden. Canvassers : Messrs. S. Shepley, H. E. Poole, W. Johnston, G. Hopwood, S. Etchells, J. Wakefield, (Councillor) Bury, A. Holland, C. McGinty.

No. 7 Polling District. - Captain, Alderman Brooke. Canvassers : Messrs. J. Broomer, T. Wilson, Louis Brooke.

No. 8 Polling District. - Captain, Mr. Joseph Heywood, Canvassers : Messrs. J. Heywood, J. Chidlow, W. Cartwright, Miss Little, Messrs. J. H. Hall, F. E. Wood, J. McDiarmid.

No. 9 Polling District - Captain, Mr. W. A. Aspland. Canvassers : Messrs, Samuel Evens, J. Hall Brooks, Oliver Hibbert, Geo. Brownson, M. Hallas, W. Oldham, (Rev.) T. Richmond, C. Berry.


Front Row:
Messrs. (Cr.) E. Bury, S. Knowles, J.H. Brooks, O. Hibbert, W. Gee
Back Row:
Messrs. Thomas Brownson B.A.., (Clerk), Major W. D. Jolliffe (Mlty. Rep.), (Cr.) S. Welch, J.P., Mayor (Chairman) J.W. Danby (Mlty. Rep)

Photo by A.E. Searle, Hyde.

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