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Festival of Britain Mural

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Spring Street (Disappeared Streets 6)


Spring Street ran from Lewis Street to Cheapside.It was a street with terraced housing on one side only.It disappeared along with many streets in that area to be replaced by the Car park of Hyde Department Store now known as Morrisons.

This is a photo of Barry circa 1955 standing outside his house at number 9 Spring Street - the view behind him is Cheapside.


Tom said...

Fantastic picture... cheers for sending this to us Barry.

Anonymous said...

just before the pile of rubble on the right hand side was Bowker Street, and there was a general store run by two sisters called Nellies,
also at no 1 Spring Street which is in front of me was a public house but I don't remember this before my time,I was born at no 9 just behind me then move to no 1 where our Father bought us a full size snooker table to put in the front room, which was to keep us out of trouble, but that didn't work. Barry

Tom said...

Thanks for the info Barry... and picture.. this is not a street I recall but I'm sure other remember it.