Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Another Aerial Shot.

Here is another great aerial view given to us by John Hopwood. 

Woolworths is pictured - instantly recognisable by "Brownsons Tower", sadly gone from all high streets everywhere. Next to Woolworths is the Albion pub which still pulls in a good crowd. Babyland and DER Electronics which are on here are both long gone. Some of this row is now "The Cotton Bale" ,or Wetherspoons as it's better known. The old Supermarket is on here also - It was still operating as the old Supermarket when this shot was taken circa 1987. To the left of the Old Supermarket you can see the Halifax Building Society which was replaced by Curleys the greengrocers ,then renamed Strawberry Gardens ,when the Halifax moved to its present location which is opposite Wetherspoons. To the top right you can see Flowery Field Church Tower, and Ashton Brothers. Behind Woolworths is a car park which now houses the Post Office sorting office. Top left is Greencroft Mill which was demolished to make way for B&Q. Ahh..happy days !

Thanks John.


Tom said...

Another great picture from John's archives.. This is one I'll keep coming back to look at.

Ghost of Red Pump St said...

Not only old shops to spot, but a good few old cars, I can make out a couple of escorts on there !!

Before The Cotton Bale does anyone remember Gratis Gitshop ?, was nt open too long but remember not being allowed in it as a kid without your parents !! I also got a dictionary from this shop as a leaving present when I left Dowson school in 1990 !!!

Hydonian said...

Yes Ghost, I remember Gratis . It was quite a big shop with the counter in the middle.I remember it sold those "dancing flowers" which always amused my children who were very young at the time! My son also got a dictionary when he left Dowson but I dont think it was from here.

ian... said...

Gratis - a strange name for a shop, when you consider that one meaning of 'gratis' is 'free of charge' ;>D

Jean said...

Gratis was anything but free!