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Friday, 10 September 2010

Shops, long gone.

Although Supermarkets are useful to get all your shopping "under one roof", Hyde is a poorer place for the loss of all the small shops that used to exist.
We will try to find photos of some of the more memorable ones. Here's a couple to begin with ....

Cappers Pork Butchers shop.
Cappers Pork Butchers shop was located near to where Ethel Austin Stood until recently ,on the lower part of Market Street.

Cappers shop circa 1910

Cappers in the 1950's.

Coopers Butchers shop
Coopers Butchers shop circa 1950's
Coopers Butchers shop stood on Bennett Street Newton near to the junction with Ashton Old Road.In the 1970's it closed and became part of the Cheshire Cheese pub.

Circa 2009


ian... said...

Very true Nancy.

Those first two pictures make me laugh. Look at all the meat hanging outside in the first one. In the second photo of the same shop, it's as if it's been made safe for vegetarians to walk past without having to cross over the road LOL

The name 'Capper' rings a bell even though it isn't common around here. Sure there used to be a family who lived over the road from us with that surname when I was a nipper.

Tom said...

Great post Nancy.. love the pictures... Ian's comment had me laughing.
I have been trying all morning to find something about how many butchers Hyde once had... but I can't bloody find it anywhere.. I was reminded of all the butchers shops I could remember and there was quite a few... I once worked in the Mall at Walter Ashworths butchers... it was a boring job at times.. and one day while I was bored I put one of those 'Laughing Bags' in a tray of Lambs livers... it bought a smile to a few faces but not my boss... who went mad and sacked me.. ha!..
I have admitted to 3 sackings in the comments this week... what will people think of me... ha!

One more thing about butchers.. Hyde is lucky to still have one or two family run butchers... and the one we always use is Hibberts near to the Queens... last week we got two pork chops, cut from the bone as we watched... we then went to do some shoping at Morrisons and I checked the price of theres.. Hibberts were cheaper. I also think that a proper family butcher as better meat, hung for the right amount of time and cut from the bone when wanted, it is far better than precut and packed in plastic trays.