Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Gee Cross Mill.

A nice photo of the reflection of Gee Cross Mill in the canal - taken by my Mum :)


Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Is that the footbridge in the background of the reflection?

Tom said...

I'd say it is Gerald.. I knew this mill andd it's grounds so well... I recall it still being worked as a mill... with all the windows lit up at night.. and the sound of the machines working. I have climbed all the stairs inside and outside.. the ones on the fire escapes were really scary... and towards the end many of the cast iron steps were missing... I have sat with my legs dangling over the edge taking in all the views... which again scares me now to even think I did that. I notice in the reflection that the top of the tower is missing... the tower had the main stair case in and right at the very top was a massive water tank... this was as far as the steps would go. There was however a trapdoor to the very top of the tower... to get to this there was a rickety old wood ladder.. once through the trap door there was a small platforn to stand on... I recall at one time a small flag pole being there.. the plateform was surrounded by cast iron railins that were quite ornate to say no one with any sense would have seen them. The very top bit was lined on the out side with lead... and I remember that this top section fell off in a storm and caused quit a bit of damage... I'm sure a car from the cottages were crushed.
The tower was also the home to a Kestrals' nest... it was in the brickwork near where it said Gee X on the side facing the cottages.
One picture Nancy but I will be thinking of my adventures while exploring and 'messing' around this fine mill all day now.. Your mum took a great reflective shot here by the way.

ian... said...

Gerald, if you have a photo editor (photoshop or gimp or similar), flip the picture vertically. You can then see a true pic of the mill, the footbridge, and the brick wall alongside which is still there.

Your mum took a great reflective shot here by the way.

Couldn't agree more :>)

Tom said...

Ian... I wish I had thought of that... I nearly broke my monitor turning it upside down... ha!