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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Aerial View of James North

 I am posting this photo for purely nostalgic reasons.
It shows an aerial view of the James North factory building with Queen Street running through the middle. The purple star denotes where my Nan used to live and whilst it looks quite grim as it's in the heart of the industrial area, believe me, it was heaven to a child......her house belonged to James North and joined on to the yard itself. Many happy hours were spent here playing amongst cardboard boxes and offcuts of rubber gloves! Douglas Street runs vertical up from Queen Street.
Also note the "Rec" - top left - now only one football pitch as the top "pitch" belongs to Greenfield Primary school which was relocated here when the original Greenfield Street school was demolished. Most of Queen Street was demolished and now consists of 3 houses only.


The second picture shows a present day aerial view of the same area. The red star shows approximately where my Nans house stood - all the childhood playgrounds of yesteryear sadly long-gone.
Notice how short Queen Street now is whilst Douglas Street has gained in length at Queen Streets expense.


Tom said...

Excellent pictures Nancy..

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Excellent juxtaposed with the modern view. It really shows how extensive the factory was.