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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Views Around Hyde (1)

We show such a lot from Hyde's past, yet forget that what we see today could one day be lost for future generations and with that in mind I'd like to start a collection of photographs on here to show off Hyde at it's best.  Digital cameras and mobile phones have opened up many people to the joy of photography and I'm sure that many of you will have pictures they have taken and would like to share them on here. If so please send them to us at hydonian@gmail.com stating where the view is, and from where taken.  


Werneth Low and Hacking Knife
From Harrop Edge


In the distance can be seen Shutlingslow, often refered to as Cheshire's Matterhorn
From Harrop Edge

I know that Nancy and Dave will enjoy this section... I have seen pictures from them both that shows the true beauty that can be found in Hyde if only we take the time to look... I look forward to seeing your pictures. 


Hydonian said...

Absolutely stunning photos ,Tom! Look forward to seeing more of them :)

Dave Williams said...

I've seen something similar to the first photo somewhere recently. Was it on page 2 of the Advertiser as their reader's photo of the week? I'd love to take photos like these, it's a question of being in the right place at the right time - or more likely knowing the right place to go to at the right time.

Tom said...

Their was one very similar as you say Dave... this was taken two years ago.... I took about 100 shots while the fog/mist was hanging over Hyde I was coming back from feeding the bird at Woodhead when I just thought of doing a quick left turn at the top of Matley lane on my way home.... I was more than pleased with the views. By the time I left Harrop Edge was covered as well and driving down Matley Lane was quite an experience.. like you say.. right place right time and perfect weather conditions..