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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Travellers Call ( Then and Now )


I went up Joel Lane this week to take a few photo's of the house that used to be the Travellers Call and one of the photos I took was from the same viewpoint as the one in Paul Taylor's book, A History Of The Pubs Of Hyde And District. We have shown the pub before but I wanted to get a shot as close to the original as possible. It was relatively easy to get the right angle using the two chimney stacks of the house on the right and I'm pleased with the result, though you'll notice that contrary to what you normally see the lamppost has moved to the other side of the road. 


I've got to admit though that I felt a bit uneasy standing in the middle of the road to take the photo - if I'd posed a man and a couple of children in the road like in the earlier picture I've no doubt I would have been prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act!


Joel Lane Old and New
Just wanted to add this excellent picture by Paul Williams - It deserves to be seen as part of the post!


Tom said...

Excellent picture Dave...
The lamp as indeed moved across the road and down a bit as well.. Great to see the chimneys and roof lining up so well... and of course the Spire of Hyde Chapel poking into view... I would have been tempted to chop that bush down David... getting in the way like that and blocking the view of the front door.. ha!
I found out recently that my Grandparent rented this property for a while.. my cousin who lived with them remembers this house with great fondest. She say's they were not there for long but as happy memories of the area.

I'm not sure when this was but it must have been after 1931 as Paul's book states that was when it stopped being a pub. My dad would have been 19 then so he would have been living there as well.

Paul Williams said...

Maybe next time I'm home I should show my dad a bit of Photoshop, then he can have a go at combining photos like this!

Tom said...

Excellent work Paul... can you show me as well ha!

Anonymous said...

Paul Williams take it that you are the very Paul Williams off Stockport Road? and Joanne Williams brother??