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Friday, 4 March 2011

Lost War Memorials

We have been asked to see if any of our readers can recall the two War Memorials mentioned below, and if possible to obtain pictures of them. 

Tameside MBC website list them as follows:

Croft Street war memorial, Hyde
A wooden memorial stood for many years in the wall of a grocer's shop at the corner of Croft St and Market St Hyde. Over the years the wood rotted badly, and the structure disappeared when the shop was refurbished in the 1970's. It was about 8ft high and 4ft wide and had a glass front. There was a shelf for flowers, while wreaths were hung underneath. Besides the names of the fallen, the memorial also bore the names of all the men from Croft St area who fought in the Great War. the early names were evenly spaced out, but later ones were crammed in.

George Street War Memorial Hyde
There is hardly anything left to remind one of this memorial, or what it looked like. The area has been completely redeveloped and the M67 motorway, constructed in the mid to late 1970's runs where George St was once stood. Many of the men comemorated would have been from the Donneybrook area, once the toughest part of Hyde, which was demolished in the late 1930's. Apparently, the memorial stood outside the Star public house which, before development, was next to the Astoria bingo hall (still standing) then the Scala cinema. Before the war Mr and Mrs Lockwood regularly tended it, they were the licensee's of the Star.

Croft Street War Memorial


According to Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1902 Cooke Bros had a grocers shop at 100 Market Street, which Dave as calculated to be the corner of Croft Street nearest the Town Hall and is now 'inspired jewellery.


On the opposite corner is Reeds Rains, but the shop was a drapers in 1902, run by a George Hopwood.  

George Street War Memorial


The George Street was more difficult because George Street, of course, no longer exists. We reckon it was about where the Manchester-bound carriageway of the M67 is now, and The Star was on the corner of George Street and Clarendon Street so Dave took this picture of the Astoria from the bus station which shows where The Star would have been or there about.

What would be great is if we could find any pictures of these..... and of course any memories of them. What a shame the were not renewed or replaced for the future.

Hyde Lads Clubs  Up-Date


All Done And Dusted

As good as new... nearly, the stone split in two right through the letter 'H'. I'm now hoping we do not have to cover this again and it suffers no more damage.


JohnT said...

A great success, let's hope that the words are repainted with permanent white paint!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I hope they don't repaint the words - it would lose its patina. The crack is a stark reminder of what happened. The new brickwork gives it a sanitized look but will doubtless mellow in time.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

I've just done a new post about the club on Hyde DP