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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mosques of Hyde

The Hyde Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre stands at 16-18 Greenfield Street and 21 Jackson Street but fronts onto Corporation Street. It holds a capacity of 500 men. It is one of two Mosques that are in Hyde , the other being Muhammadiyah House of Wisdom which stands at 33 Ridling Lane in what used to be the Oddfellows Public House.

Hyde Jamia Mosque and Islamic Centre

Muhammadiyah House of Wisdom

The Muhammadiyah House of Wisdom is not used for all 5 prayers.
The gathering of rememberance of Allah takes place every Monday at the centre, at around 7.30pm.


Dave Williams said...

I was going to make a comment querying the fact that both mosques are decorated with the same shade of green, but checked on Google first, and I found this:

'Green is considered the traditional color of Islam. Muhammad is reliably quoted in a hadith as saying that "water, greenery, and a beautiful face" were three universally good things. In the Qur'an, sura Al-Insan, believers in God in Paradise wear fine green silk. Also, Al-Khidr ("The Green One"), is a Qur’anic figure who met and traveled with Moses.'

(I presume from the mis-spellings of a couple of the words that the Google article was of American origin!)

Anonymous said...

Well done Dave... I had no idea about the colour..