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Saturday, 19 March 2011

What Grafton Street used to look like.


Some of the rough land has now been replaced  with the part of Clarke Way that runs past Illingworth  and Inghams Wood Yard... 


I've updated Tom's post and attached this photo which is pretty close to the viewpoint of the photo he posted on Saturday. You can see that it's the other side of Clarke Way which according to the A-Z is now part of John Street, but I notice from the agenda for the Hyde District Assembly meeting last night (I didn't go, but it's on the Tameside website) that they're seeking approval to rename that little bit from Grafton Street to John Street because Cheshire Car Centre, who are in that little bit, have complained that the Grafton Street address which they currently have is causing confusion to their (potential) customers. Fair enough, I suppose - but it appears it may be the A-Z which is leading people astray.

Dave (22/03/11)

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Tom said...

hanks for the update on this Dave.. It was not all that long ago that this part of Clarke Way was built. I'd say around 1985... it was well after the M67 was built... I was working the door at Lowry's Night Club at the time and recall the waste ground being used as a car park... Sometimes there'd be rabbits running about there. When the roads was being put through we had someone attack the door with a 'Line Pin' one night.. The chimney that can be seen was only saved from demolition so it could have mobile phone mast on it.