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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Hyde Lads Club Plaque 'Update'

Well Done


How good is this to see? I know many were worried this would not get replaced, but as promised by Councillor Philip Fitzpatrick it has... Thank you to all who got in touch about this... and a big thank you to Councillor Fitzpatrick for acting so swiftly on this, first he organised the clearing and safe removal of the broken brickwork and now true to his word, work was indeed started today to replace this fine memento of Hyde Lads Club. 


Top picture was sent in by John, and the bottom one by Dave


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Good - I'll take a look at it probably on Saturday.

Tom said...

Hello Gerald
I was glad to see they had not dragged their feet with this... by Saturday it should be all neat and tidy and the brass plaque that Dave saved by in place.

jim taylor said...

hi, just to say, that I have great memories of hyde lads club. from 1950 to 1957 Mr jones was the warden then, a great guy.I myself was in the gymnastic team, thjat performed not only in local carnivals, bu also onthe stage, at the ritz cinema, toearn funds for the club.there many trophies awarded for this team, that were kept at the club. it would be interesting toknow what happened to them.also if any of the team are still about. love to hear from them.

Tom said...

Hello and welcome Jim:
Great comment ... if you have any pictures from that time we would like to show them... you could include some information and hopefully others who were there might comment or get in touch.