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Monday, 28 March 2011

Inside Gee Cross Mill

Up-Dated 30th July 2011...  it seems these great pictures are copyright protected.... and should not have been used without permission..   I am however very happy to report that once having my wrist slapped we have been allowed to keep showing them here.   




Testing Room


Scutching Room


Reeling Department




Cotton Mixing Room



I'm informed the originals of the above 7 pictures can be seen at: http://www.uniqueorrare.com/uor-1953.htm where they are offered for sale together with details of their history and full copyrights.
I'd like to thank Michael Cole for allowing these pictures to remain on view in this posting.
UK booktrade information and services for 120 years http://www.UKBookInfo.comItems for collectors and museums you won't find elsewhere http://www.UniqueOrRare.com Reprints of historical photographs and images http://www.clique.co.uk/coloptics/index.htm


Gee Cross Mill shown reflected in the canal.

Thanks to Jack and Doreen Morris for the fabulous photo
(...and I've added a bit of artistic license) :)

If you can add any information about these rooms or what it was like to work in such a mill ,please do so ... we would love to hear you memories. Also, I would like to add a picture of the mill itself to this post, so if  have one and would like to share it... please do.


Dave Williams said...

I was looking at the local books in the Tourist Information shop in the Lowry Centre at Salford Quays recently and there's a book there called 'Cotton Mills in Greater Manchester' (I think). I had a quick flick through it, and whilst I didn't see any of Hyde's old mills depicted it's certainly an interesting book for anyone interested in the history of cotton mills in the local area, with many exterior and interior photographs and descriptions of the processes involved.

Tom said...

I used to play in this mill... even climbing right to the top of the tower about the large water tank in contained... I have played football on the roof as well... scares me to bits thinking of that now.

I knew this as a working mill, and have memories of standing on the 'Green Bridge' watching what was going on in the yard... and seeing the lights reflecting into the canal of a night.

Once it shut it became a theme park for me and my mates... I just wish I had the sense then to have realised these mills were soon be be lost for ever..