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Friday, 25 March 2011

Update on Eclipse Brewery location


Barbara Berrys Jug .
It appears that the Eclipse Brewery stood around the junction of Fernally Street and Mottram Road - where the corner of Morrisons is.


The middle of this map appears to be the approximate site of Eclipse Brewery.


Tom said...

Well done Nancy... I had been meaning to do something about this since Barry left a comment for us on the Turbine Garage post see below.

Hi everybody the turbine garage was BP petrol
i used to 5 shillings worth from there to the right of there was Lewis St Harry Woods potato merchants using the old tram sheds.
to the left of tubine was Harry Woods Bannana sheds where they ripened them I remember on the window bottom were jam jars with huge spiders from the wooden bannana crates. In the same yard was Eclipse Brewery which made Sasparala,ginger beer,etc in wooden vats i used to climb inside and scrub them out after every batch then used to bottle them into stone jars

Cheers for that Barry

Hydonian said...

I was going to send Barbara an email but it seems to have (ahem) disappeared along with some others......Do you know anything about this Tom? lol

Tom said...

I'm getting a tad worried about these emails.... I will have a nip over and look at them all.