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Friday, 18 March 2011

School photos from bygone years.

This is a photograph of Mrs Adams' Class (class 3) at Leigh Street Infant School. Although I was in her class,this isn't my year. If anyone recognises themselves - please let us know! It's great to put names to faces.  Mrs Adams was one of my favourite teachers throughout my school years.
Mrs Adams is the lady on the left and Headmistress ,Mrs Woodley, is the lady on the Right. Mrs Woodley was one of the nicest people I have ever met and up until her death a few years ago I would stop and chat with her in Hyde Town Centre. After all those years from leaving the Infants School she never forgot my name ...and no , it wasn't because I was naughty! ;)


This was taken in the hall of the infant school in front of Miss Shaws classroom. (class one now known as Reception class).Probably in the early 1970's.
I remember the Infant School with great fondness.


paul cleary said...

top l-r peter deldudacha,---,---,robert obrian,---, ian wyatt,---,chris ancock, sec row down geff longden,andrew ---/---,hayley murphy,---,---,---,---,amanda ---/---,---,---,3rd row down neil morgan,nigel bridge,---,christopher hall,myself paul cleary,gary wilson,leyland woodhead,andrew paige,andrew crossland,bottom row ,sylvia coleman ,denise pike,helen woods,antonieta ---/,michele cleary, michele pritt, antonieta,---/ elaine page,dawn allot

Tom said...

Thank you Paul.. great information I hope you have enjoyed your time visiting.

Anonymous said...

The girl sat to the right of Helen Woods is Antonieta Vigliano and the girl sat to the right of Michele Pritt is Gillian Teressa (apologise for the spellings)... there were many Italian children in the school including several in Mrs French's parallel class; Adrian Fresco and Rafael Salvatori.

Their parents came over to work in the many textile factories scattered around Hyde.

Tom said...

Thank you for this comment and the information.