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Monday, 7 March 2011

Cordwell Family Request

We have had a request for information about the Cordwell Family, who had a Travelling Fair. Kenneth Salt would like to know if anyone recalls this family, they are believed to have had connection with our town maybe family connections with Cordwell, Williams, and Newton.

Kenneth is looking for descendents of a John Cordwell, born 1846. John and his family had a travelling fair and were based in Lancashire, mostly around the area of Salford, but again had known connections with Hyde. Family connections include the follow surnames: Clough, Swift, Simpkin, Fletcher, Smith, Guyatt, Tynan,  Yates, Murphy Haggerty, Chadwick. 

Any information Kenneth would appreciate
he can be contacted here in the comments or by Email:


Newspaper Cutting

The marriage of Mr. William Cordwell to Miss May Murpy created a great deal of interest in Lancashire Showland where both bride and bridegroom are well known and popular. The wedding took place at The Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, and the newly-married couple recited numerous congratulations and they were the recipients of many handsome and costly presents.


Newspaper Cutting

The Late Private W. Cordwell
In loving memory of Private W.Cordwell
Died from gunshot wounds recieved in action
October 13th, 1918.


Newspaper Cutting

Mrs Clogh, wife of Mr. Edward Clough Senr. who passed away at Ellesmere Fair Ground on Thursday, October 26th, at the age of 68 (Nee Cordwell) Daughter of John Cordwell. Sarah Ellen Born 1886 Manchester Died 1933 Known as Nellie Clough

The above picture taken around 1960
Showing the Travelling Fair Wagons belonging to Thomas Cordwell. 

We have had an email come in from Patrick Alford, which I think warrants adding to this post..  hopefully it will tie a few members of the same family together in search of their ancestry.

Over To Patrick:
"I' have been researching my Great Grandfather William Alford for many years now with little success. Last known official mention is in 1901 Census where he is listed at Pat Collins Winter quarters at Queens Road Harpurhey Manchester. My Great Grandmother and Grandmother are also listed.  
If an of your readers know about anything concerning William Alford and his family I would appreciate it".
Kind Regard



Dave Williams said...

Any relation to the Cordwell next to the pound shop that used to be Woolworths on Market Place?

Tom said...

He believes there is.. but unfortunately after 3 attempts of contacting ... none was returned. Cordwell's had the Bingo upstairs in the old Super Market, and it is the same family that now as the amusements arcades dotted about.

hardyd said...

I think they were related, Tommy Cordwell who owned the Acarde next to the old supermarket used to drink in the Royal Albert in the late 70's and I know he was an ex showman, You mention the surname Murphy, there was a family of showmen with this surname who used to "winter" at the ground off Mill lane - they owned an arcade in Blackpool where I worked in the summer holidays, I am afraid that is as much as I can offer.

Tom said...

Hi Hardyd..
Thank you for taking the time to comment, and welcome to the blog as well.
What you say ties in nicely with what Kenneth has come across.. and a good bit of info for him with the 'Murphy' connection.
I used to call in the Royal Albert around that time..the end of the 70s early 80s I think a chap called Rusty had it then... I later managed it myself for a while... it was a rum old pub with some fun characters going in there. It was also the pub that the Fair Lads would head for being nearest to Park Road at that time.

kenneth salt said...

i think the thomas who has arcade married ,
caroline berry,
i also found record of thomas edward married linda mercer,
tameside 1979 dont know if its thomas dad,
also found thomas e cordwell died 1992 it is put as northwich , i know some travellers are settled around there and use the graveyard at witton thanks kenneth salt

Tom said...

I hope this posting can be of some help to you Kenneth..... tracing a family tree is hard enough for most folks, but with having Entertainers and Travelling Showmen in the family it must be a nightmare trying to piece it all together... The next time I'm in the town centre I will leave a card in the arcade which as the blog address and email on.

kenneth salt said...

thanks hopefully thomas will get in contact,
as iam sure he will know some history,
you mentioned about john collins ,john cordwell 2nd wife rosina worked for the collins family around the midlands, last year i saw him by a tesco by stockport when i was on moterway,
ive found a name i wolverhampton area that says the john cordwell b1846 is his great grandad trying to find way of contacting him,
intrestingly he has collins family in his tree

Tom said...

The John I know is around the 50 mark... and I'm sure his Dad was called John. John jr. I found to be a nice chap indeed... big shoulders and chest with a good head of curly hair... He was always ready to have a laugh. When my lads were younger and we took them to the fair the Waltzes were where I'd see him. We never had to pay then.. same with the Dodgem Cars.. always free rides. I have not seen John for over 10 years or so now. My mother was a 'Collins' by the way... but I cannot tell you where her family came from... I never heard about any connection to the Showmen... I have one Aunty left who was also a Collins so I will see what she says... funny it as never entered my head before.

kenneth.salt@live.co.uk said...

to update research, thier is 10 cordwell names in hyde cemetery, i also found 3 names at dukinfield cemetery, are these the same cemeterys, thier is a thomas edward died 1993 at hyde age 71 in same plot daisy died 1983 age 56 . also another daisy died 1976 .
at dukinfield thier is a thomas cordwell died 1992 lived at 2 hyde rd mottram,
also sarah ann died 1983 lived at caravan park
mill lane hyde,
i dont know if these are the same as hyde cemetery and the records were updated

Tom said...

Hyde Cemetery and Dukinfield are different cemeteries... The caravan park on Mill Lane is where the Showmens Guild have their place... Dose it give the plot number by chance...

kenneth salt said...

the info for dukinfield is down at moment, i got this info from tameside burials site.
so at hyde we have as follows,
thomas edward c/e 12301 cremated, died 1993
daisy c/e 12301 cremated, died 1983,
thomas c/e 33168 coffin died 1947,
alice c/e 33168 coffin died 1937,
sarah ann c/e 12292 died 1985,
thomas doran c/e 12292 cremated died 1969,
bertha c/e 44371 coffin died 1989,
stanley c/e 33200 coffin died 1968,
frank c/e 33068 coffin died 1902,

i dont think last 3 names are conected,
thier is also daisy must be unmarked grave but died 1976
2 bits of info found sarah ann doran married john richard cordwell chorlton 1894,
i also found thomas cordwell married daisy cordwell blackpool 1968 ( could they have moved to hyde and are related)

kenneth.salt said...

i have now worked out that daisy cordwell who died in hyde in 1976, wife of thomas e cordwell,
maiden name is whyatt,
if any of the local mulhearns read this can they get in touch as i now belive they are conected to the cordwells,

vera berry smith wright . said...

I know most of the names in this Blog , I remember tommy and Daisy , daisy had been married before and had a son - john webber , And Mulhearns own the showmens site that is still at mill lane, hope this is of some help to you, good luck with your blog , Vera .

Tom said...

Here and welcome to the blog Vera.
Thank you for commenting.. if you have anything else which might be of interest please get in touch with us

kenneth salt said...

thank you vera for comment, would like to hear more from you,
thought the name berry was something i looked at a few months ago,
not viewed this blog for a while,
if you know more you could try me through e mail no . after name salt in e mail

Tom said...

Please feel free to use our email for any contacts, our address is hydonian@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hello Kenneth,
Just seen your blog my maiden name was Swift-Simpkin know in showland as Swift, my mother was Sarah Ellen Clough married Joseph Swift-Simpkin you have a picture of my great grandma on your blog

(Mrs Clogh, wife of Mr. Edward Clough Senr. who passed away at Ellesmere Fair Ground on Thursday, October 26th, at the age of 68 (Nee Cordwell) Daughter of John Cordwell. Sarah Ellen Born 1886 Manchester Died 1933 Known as Nellie Clough)

My mam was also known as Nellie, my mam was named after her grandma

Looking forward to hearing from you

I have Emailed you my phone numbers

Joeann xx

Hayley said...

Hi Kenneth,
I'm researching my maternal family tree and stumbled upon your post. Hopefully you will get to see this. I'm the great-granddaughter of Ada Cordwell, who I believe was the daughter of John and Rosina Cordwell. Ada married Joseph Fletcher and they had a daughter called Fanny (later changed to Frankie), who was my grandma. Are we distantly related?
Best Wishes,

Duncan said...


Daisy was my grandmother's sister.

Would love to see any photos anyone has...


Cutting Corners said...

I have a John Cordwell and Family at Pat Collins winter quarters at Queens Road Harpurhey Manchester.1901 census
My G/Grand Father and My Grandmother Annie Alford are listed.
Don’t know if this John Cordwell is one of yours. Tried to contact Ken but email bounced back.
Pat Alford.

mooboo254 said...

wondering if the smith family includes a beryl smith who had sisters Jean twins Linda & val brother John Thomas parents was called frank and Beatrice they lived on the travelers site Salford.

Delicious fruits and fountains said...

You need to buy a book callled our family links to the showmanship guild by Kathleen merryweather you can get this on amazon it goes back to james dean my great great grand father born in 1789 1 of the founder members of the showmans guild it will give you info about all the families mentioned on hear


Cutting Corners said...

Mandy of Delicious fruits and fountains have you a link to the book by Kathleen Merryweather on Amazon?
Pat Alford