Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Monday, 14 March 2011

Market Day


I love this view of the Market and Town Hall, I wonder what the chap has in that suit case... as he just come back to Hyde by way of the train station? I can recall Hyde market being so busy.. and a lot noisier as well... The market was the very heart of the town at one time... I hope it can survive the times we live in now and not fall by the wayside like Denton's. I cannot imagine Hyde Town Centre without a market.... or the 'Round-About'  can you?


Hydonian said...

It really is a splendid building,Tom..

Dave Williams said...

Do you know when it was taken? It seems to be either just before or just after the second world war. And what's that structure on the Town Hall roof to the right of the clock tower before the first chimney stack? It doesn't appear on any of the photos I've taken of the Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

Graham Sharp contacted us tonight by email, Graham now lives in Canada.

Graham Said
"I had some wartime memories of that grand old building. One of them was going up some stairs on the Greenfield Street side into a large room where there was a shot down German fighter plane on display that you could sit in. It was probably moved around from town to town as a propaganda tool.
The other is there was a room on the Corporation Street side of the Town Hall which was likely in the basement as you had to go down steps but that was where, if you had an Infants Ration Book [and I had a young baby brother] you could get wonderful concentrated Florida orange juice in flat bottles, I used to get to lick the spoon and can almost taste it yet and, not so wonderful bottles of cod liver oil. Great photo by the way, not seen that one before.

Tom said...

I have always liked the Town Hyde... and I agree it is a 'Splendid building... long may it last.
I'm not sure of the age of this... it comes from a picture postcard.. I have seen it once or twice in the past be was glad to be able to get this copy for us.
The bit you have notice on the Town Hall is in fact a tower that was where the Fire Station was ... I think the firemen used to practice climbing it and rescuing each other from it.
I'd love to find a picture of that aircraft... even if it was in another building...in an other town... it would be a good addition to a post. I must have look for any reference to this. Great memories of the Town Hall..