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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Whit Walks 2 (Hyde Baptist)

 A North Cheshire Herald photo of the Hyde Baptist and Union Street Congregational Church walking with their banner past the old Post Office building on Corporation Street. Dated 1969.
(Sorry about the quality)

The Whit walks were always a big affair. It's such a shame that they aren't held in such a grand manner anymore.


This one shows the banner being carried up Market Street.
Circa 1970's.

Union Street Congregational Church became the United Church in 1973. Two Churches joined together because the original buildings were pulled down - United Reform Church & Hyde Baptist Church.

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Tom said...

Excellent Pictures..
The Whit Walks were a great thing to watch, you did not have to be religious to enjoy it. I think the town as a whole enjoyed the pride that was evident on the faces of the walkers.

Pride in our streets, districts, and town seem to be lacking now... it is such a shame.

Hold Fast That Which Is Good..
I like that statement, so often ignored and many a good thing as slipped away... I think we should adopt that saying for the blog Nancy..