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Monday, 30 January 2012

Bank Street

A newspaper cutting showing a picture of Bank Street.
It looks like a busy street.


A map showing the location of Bank Street.

All that is left of Bank Street after the motorway reshuffled the streets in Hyde
Courtesy of Google Street maps.
 A photo taken last year of what remains of Bank Street, with Clark Way on the right of the photo.

The following info was sent to me by Dave.



Kelly's Directory of 1902 shows James Winterbothom (yet another spelling variant) ,tripe dresser & tallow merchant, 73 Market Street; The Travel Agency is what occupies number 73 today.

Excellent information, Dave!!


Bill Lancashire said...

If I'm not mistaken those wagons are outside Winterbottom's Tripe Dressers yard. Just show how popular tripe was back in the '30s.

Hydonian said...

Thanks for that information,Bill. I must look up the company to see if I can find out a bit more for the post!
Personally,I still like tripe. :)

Dave Williams said...

Bill Lancashire is right about it being outside Winterbottom's (or 'Winterbotham' as it says on the gate to the right of the picture). I've got a newspaper clipping showing this photo, and it says that the figure in the centre in white trousers is Amos Winterbotham, Mayor of Hyde 1931-32, shown with some employees outside the family tripe works in Bank Street.
Kelly's Directory of 1902 shows James Winterbothom (yet another spelling variant),tripe dresser & tallow merchant, 73 Market Street; works, Bank Street. The Directory of 1914 shows James Winterbotham & Son, tripe dealers, 39 Bank Street & 13 Newton Street; and also shows Exors of Mrs Elizabeth Winterbotham, tripe dressers, 73 Market Street. 73 Market Street is the travel agents just before the Last Orders pub which we were recently surmising might be the former location of Ibbotson's cake shop. I'll send you some photos etc, Nancy.

Tom said...

Excellent Dave...