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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Seasonal shot !

 As we are about to get some snow this weekend, I thought I'd post this lovely shot of the top of Joel Lane to get us in the spirit. :)


I can't remember who sent the shot in - if this is yours, please drop us a line so we can add your name.
Thanks :)


Tom said...

Lovely shot..

Werneth Low said...

Brrrrr! Great picture.

Dave Williams said...

Well done, whoever took the photo, for trekking all the way up there in those conditions.

Rock Ape said...

That is exactly as i remember the top of joel lane in winter,i've ran many miles over and around the low in the past and its one of the more testing i've done,especially bottom to the top of joel lane!! my dad was a postie back in the 70's and this was his round,he loved it too,and still does.
Quick note for all,Grant Oliver has put himself out for me over the last week,to sort some photos for my sister,he did all the downloading,bought them and sent them south to me, they are brilliant,so a massive thanks to Grant.

Dave Williams said...

Talking of testing runs, didn't the Hyde 7 race finish at Windy Harbour in the early days?