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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mottram Old Road Post Card


Below pictures supplied by Dave



The first two photos attached are what Dave has taken today, the first being the original photo, and the second is one he's cropped and skewed to try to match the view in the postcard. 


The third attachment is the view from Google Streetview of the spot from which Dave took the photo, and the fourth one is from Google Earth showing Mottram Old Road from the viewpoint up to the buildings shown. 


Dave thinks the actual viewpoint for the postcard was down the slope to maybe level with where you can see the horse in the top to pictures, as the hills in the background on the postcard look a bit lower down than in his photo (you can just see the distant hills faintly on the postcard). 

Thank you Dave for a great update


Anonymous said...

This is a great view point.

Dave Williams said...

This photo appears to have been taken from close to what is now the track leading to the Etherow Park Stud, just past Green Lane as you go towards Mottram. The building to the right of the road at the top of the picture is, according to my A-Z, Little Acre Farm, and similarly the buildings to the left are shown as High Bank. On the horizon towards the left of the picture you can see Mottram Church, but you can see that the picture has been considerably skewed as the horizon between the Church and the farm buildings should be more or less level. I'll send you some photos etc which I've taken today, Tom.