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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Grapes Hotel


I've often wondered who Bells & Co. were... I always knew the Grapes as a Robinsons House.  It seems Bell & Co Ltd brewed at  Hempshaw Brook Brewery, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport was founded by Avery Fletcher in 1835 and was acquired by Smith & Bell in 1850. Registered in 1898. The brewery was then acquired by Frederic Robinson Ltd in April 1949 with over160 other tied houses.






The old pub is seeing a new lease of life.. especially at the weekend when it attracts folk from far and wide.. Marcello the landlord had the pub refurbished and a fine Italian restaurant was added. The Grapes is a lovely old building that has changed little considering.. and the refurbishment made great use of many of the original features, like the stained glass windows and fireplaces. There's a link above which is well worth following just to read the menus..  long may the Grapes be a part of Gee Cross.


Hydonian said...

I was in there last week, Tom and it's still a thriving pub.Not many pubs can claim that in todays climate. Friday nights are particularly busy !!

Dave Williams said...

I see the fourth photo down is from the trolleybus era. The Manchester trolleybus system apparently opened on 1 March 1938 and closed on 31 December 1966.

Anonymous said...

My Grapes memory from the 70's is that their car park sign read "please park prettily"

Lizzy said...

I could say a lot about the Grapes! But just to say hello again as I seem to be able to log in again now after all this time!