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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Looking down Market Street


A nice shot taken by John Morris, circa 1990's, I think.(Thanks Dave) :)

The Shepherds Call pub behind the ladies on the left, Swinton Insurance (now gone) and Hopwoods Barbers (also now disappeared).I think the china shop is still open on the corner of Church Street on this photo (now Bargain Booze) - was it called Grays China Shop? - but looks for sale. Note the 210 bus coming up the hill to Gee Cross. The service now sadly defunct.


Dave Williams said...

This is a tricky one to date, but after a lot of digging I have found that the bus appears to be painted in the final livery of GM Buses which was apparently introduced 'around 1991'. It's a bit difficult to make it out for certain, but the prefix letter on the number plate of the car going away from the camera appears to be 'L', and this letter was used from August 1993, so it looks as if the date for the photo is around the mid 1990s.

Tom said...

The Pre-Fab probation office is between Mr Hopwoods and what was Grey's.. a place I was once familiar with.
I did not realise the 210 was no more Nancy, when did this happen?

Werneth Low said...

Think I'd go with Dave here and date this photo in the early-mid 90s. The shop at the corner of Tower Street - Swinton Insurance - used to sell baby wear, whilst the site of the prefab building used to house huge advertising hoardings. I didn't know this had been the probation office. When I left school in the early 60s it was the Youth Employment Office; I remember going there to get a National Insurance number. The china shop on Church Street corner was Rosebottoms. It was a really posh shop which stocked Wedgwood, Denby and Spode. Our china collection comprised of two pot dogs, probably won on Hyde Wakes, displayed on the mantlepiece!

Hydonian said...

Was Grays the one opposite Union Street then?

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The prefab building was the Welfare Rights Advice office when I knew it. The 210 was re-introduced last year as the 206 alhough it serves Haughton Green and Gorton Lane instead of going direct into Manchester.