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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Green Lane /ABC Lane


A lovely old postcard of ABC Lane/Green Lane.

An up to date picture taken by Dave.


Tom said...

Is that house still there Nancy? Those bay windows are stunning.

westarsteve said...

what a lovely old postcard ive walked down this road many times and used to play in the green mini van that was at the bottom of here many moons ago

Tom said...

About two years ago I drove down and a couple of young ones were playing on a small boat... I remember playing in such things and letting my imagination take over... I'd be Sterling Moss, or Elliot Ness and the Untouchables... ha! happy days.

Rock Ape said...

ABC Lane?? I know it as Green Lane,have i missed something?
Tom,our 'date' in the sheps sounds good,however i've also got to go to my sisters in the lakes,so i'm going to be pushed for time,however i will keep it in mind for the future if i dont make it,i think we may know some of the same people,only by names and just by being from Hyde tho'.


Dave Williams said...

I think this house is still there - it looks like it's the one at the corner of Green Lane and the path leading to Brookfold Lane (the path is actually labelled 'Brookfold Lane' on Google Earth). I took a photo of the house in July last year and I'll email it to you.

Werneth Low said...

This is interesting. My mother always referred to ABC Lane and I wonder if there was a name change at some point. I imagine my mother would be of the same age as the postcard you've shown so that would figure.

Hydonian said...

I used to clean at this house with a friend of mine,Tom....It's as nice inside as out!

Tom said...

Glad to see the house is still there and looking every bit as beautiful... I've always liked the big bay windows on such homes... would look stunning at Christmas with a tree there.
ABC Lane got it's name from how allotments were allocated.. A. B. C. D and so on... and of course Hydonians then referred to it as ABC Lane... there's a post been done on the lane.

Anonymous said...

Haha...I used to play in that green mini van too !