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Monday, 9 January 2012

Local Dialect Quiz

I came across this local dialect quiz from Barbara Sole who has published a couple of books on Hyde local history. There are 50 expressions in dialect, maybe not all Hyde but certainly within a few miles.
I will leave it on the blog for a few days, then publish the answers later in the week. Right here goes:-

1,   Intitot                                    Is'nt it hot ?
2,   Giuzit                                     Give it to me 
3,   Summatsupoersor                     Something is the matter or something
4,   Gerritetten                              Get it eaten
5,   Geroffit                                   Get off it
6,   Supwithee                               What is the matter with you ?
7,   Smarrerweeim                          What is the matter with him ?    
8,   Iampgorrit                               I Haven't got it
9,   Azzeeginiter                            Has he given it to her ?
10,  Esmiatonreet                          Is my hat on right ? 
11,  Eez gooinoom                         He is going home
12,  Asts gorrit reight                     Have you got it right ?
13,  Isit themum                            Is it your mother ?
14,  Asta gorrit withy                      Have you got it with you ?   
15,  Purrimineer                             Put him in here             
16,  Ayampt eared nowt                  I haven't heard anything
17,  Thelate gerra newun                 You will have to get a new one
18,  Easezitintiz-burraberritiz           He said it isn't his, but I bet it is
19,  Lerrus gerrus andswesht           Let us get our hands washed
20,  Summoremz gorragerroff           Some of them have got to get off
21,  Wiv gorra gerruz imbux             We have got to get our Hymn books
22,  Tham gerrit lernt                      You will have to learn it  
23,  Shut thigob                              Close your mouth or shut up
24,  Owzeene                                 How is he now
25,  Aberritintiz                               I bet it isn't his
26,  Comforus arpastate itmornin      Come for me at 08:30 in the morning
27,  Nardenden watdardooin             Now then, what are you doing
28,  Asta seenim ontelly                  Have you seen him in the television
29,  It dunt marrer                          It does not matter
30,  Lerrus gurrat pixchers                Let us go to the pictures
31,  Asta gorra tanner                     Have you got sixpence
32,  Eenose nowt abartit                 He knows nothing about it
33,  Eez gunna gerrit                      He is going to get it
34,  Lerrer gerontbus                      Let her get on the bus
35,  Eedurnt purrized undert watter   He dare not put his head under water
36,  Eesezeeantadit                        He said he had not had it 
37,  Oowurriwee                              Who was he with
38,  Ateldim burreewont lessen         I told him, but he would not listen
39,  Lerrim purrizaton                      Let him put his hat on
40,  Astle clowt thee if the duntgioor I will hit you if you don't stop it
41,  Tintintin                                   It isn't in the tin
42,  Gerary tergithianandweeit           Get Harry to give you a hand with it
43,  Eez gorriz atooam                      He has his at home
44,  Thawantsta wesh thi eeroli aht    You want to wash your ears out
45,  Wivgorracar                               We have got a car
46,  Thakkan ifthe wants                   You can if you want to
47,  Eeez nobbute babi                      He is only a baby
48,  Tantad nowt dunnatit as I nose on It hasn't had anything done at it as
                                                       far as I know    
49,  Canta kumpter owerowse tunneet  Can you come to our house tonight
50,  Weerzt gaffer.                            Where is the boss ?

Best of luck, unfortunately there will be no prizes.


ceecee said...

brilliant, it kept me quiet for a while. I have got answers for all but one (not saying they are all right )I must say it's a lot harder trying to read the dialect than it is listening to it. I still use some of these myself, will look forward to the answwers.

Werneth Low said...

Think Barbara has travelled widely to get this strange mixture of dialect! Still, it's been entertaining and I look forward to the answers.

Tom said...

I've sussed out more than I thought I would... or at least I think I have.. ha! Look forward to seeing the answers.