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Friday, 20 January 2012

Booth's Taxi's

A great picture of Fred Booth at the wheel of his taxi, it says on the back of this photograph "Ibbotson's of Market Street - Fish & Chip Shop.


AMA 71, taken on what is believed Park Road April 9th 1933


Booth's Taxi's and Coaches would have been a regular sight around Hyde at one time... I recall the coaches and the garage off Dowson Road... but know very little about the company... I'm sure in old publication there must be adverts for them.. Did you use their taxi's or recall a coach trip.. if so let us know.
I've been informed that an A and H Booth, Bus and Coach Hire are working out of Grosvenor Garage... I do hope this is still part of the original Booth family.


Werneth Low said...

Ibbotsons of Market Street was a bread shop/confectioners, in the same block as the Clarendon.

Tom said...

I remember their shop very well... I've had many a Meat and Potatoe Pie and Gravy, followed by Wimberry Tart and custard... far better than the school dinners at Greenfield street.. Maybe the Ibbotson's in the picture are from another shop. I think Dave or Paul might be able to throw some light on this as they have a list of the shops and who own them and when...

Dave Williams said...

Beryl says that Ibbotson's cake shop was one of the three shops (numbered 71, 73 and 75) on Market Street between 'Cash Generator' and the cafe at Number 77. Kelly's Directories of 1902 and 1914 don't list an 'Ibbotson' in Hyde but both show Clough Brothers, Hairdressers, at number 71, James Winterbothom (1902) and Exors of Mrs Elizabeth Winterbothom (1914), Tripe Dressers, at number 73, and James Garbett, Chip Potato Dealer, at number 75.

As far as the cars are concerned, most people will recognize the second one as a Citroen, and since the type of disk wheel on the first car was very common on French cars from about the end of the First World War up to and beyond the Second World War, I would guess that the first photo is also of a Citroen, from about the mid to late 1920s.

Hyde Lad said...

A James Ibbotson had a chip shop at 152 Manchester Rd in 1934.