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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Hyde Co-op

 Here is a picture of the Co-op shop on the corner of Mottram Road and Lumn Road.
They were such useful,convenient shops. Unfortunately, the dawn of supermarkets heralded the end of them as they could not longer compete with floor space or prices..



A recent view courtesy of Google maps


westarsteve said...

what a great picture i remember going in here just as it was coming to the end of its life as a shop as my gran and grandad lived on brook street also when the shop closed one of my relatives took it over he was called horace greenalch he used it as a store for his building and plumbing buisness

Jean said...

Greenhauches still use this building. The rest of the row is in a bad state of repair, and all the properties have recently been bought for 20k each and boarded up.

Anonymous said...

I also remember going into to this store as a very young lad (c 1971), as we lived down Brook St.

It's really great to see a photo of it in it's heyday.

I had Mr Greenhalgh, doing some plumbing work for me about ten years ago, as I went to Leigh St School with his son, and he was telling me he stilled lived on Lumn Rd, and owned the old Co-Op shop for his 'Lock-up'.

Just to ask, does anyone know what is happening with the boarded up shops on this row?
There was every shop you could need when I was a kid from a cobbler to a fishmongers, it's a shame to see them in such a state.

westarsteve said...

notsure they will probaly pull them down eventually my grandad used to live at number 4 brook street where the petrol station is now