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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Gee Cross Council School / Enfield Street School


Gee Cross Undenomination School 1901
Head Mistress is Mrs M. Williamson


Gee Cross Council School 1904
Headmaster Mr Nuttall


Gee Cross Council School 1904
Headmaster Mr Nuttall


Gee Cross Council School 1907
Headmaster Mr Nuttall


Enfield Street School Around 1924/25
On the top row is Leonard Saxton and on the front row is Alice Booth who was born 1914

A fantastic collection of early school photographs from what started as Gee Cross Council School and finished it's school days as Enfield Street School.  All these pictures have been donated by Fred Booth. Fred has donated many great pictures and these will be shown over the following weeks. I sure some of these family are still in the area of Gee Cross... I see a few who remind me of Gee Cross folk. both from my school days and even one or two now who resemble people I know.


Werneth Low said...

What lovely photos. Would you do a post on Holy Trinity school sometime?

downsie21 said...

I remember Len Saxton very well, he and younger brother Harold lived three houses lower down Joel Lane from me. Harold was a good friend of mine. On their marriage Len and his wife lived on Stockport Road at the corner of Rock Street and opened the house as a sweet shop "Sweetie Corner" Len is on back row centre, 5th from left & right.
I would guess the photo was taken in 1915/16

Anonymous said...

In the 1907 picture I think that could be my father Alf Ollerenshaw on the front row left - black hair. He was born in 1902. I am saving this to my Family Tree. Somewhere on there would be Edie Baddeley who lived on Enfield St, a cousin of his.

Tom said...

Werneth Low..
I have no pictures as yet from Holy Trinity... or any information.. maybe someone reading this might send some in.. and please feel free to write a post or a bit of information and we can post it on our behalf...
I'm so glad you recognised Len Saxton.. I'll be emailing you shortly as a 'light bulb as lit up in my head..ha!
Jill M..
Thank you for making my day... when we started doing the blog we had no idea how it would pan out... we have been able to help many with 'lost pictures' and when it happens it really makes it all worth it. Thank you for letting us know.