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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Harbour Farm


Harbour Farm in Newton... no longer there and to be honest I'm not 100% on where abouts it was. I know the Council Estate off Talbot Road is named after the farm, but I've not been able to find out who farmed there. Any information would be appreciated.


Map from 1910

Present day map.

Looking at the previous two maps it appears that Harbour Farm was at the crossroads with Leigh Fold.
Let us know if you have an more information on it !


Dave Williams said...

The History of Hyde isn't much help, but it says this (Muslin Street is now, of course, Talbot Road):
"Proceeding up Muslin Street, on the left-hand side is Harbour Farm. A little higher up Muslin Street, on the right-hand side of the road, is Hicken Farm. Higher still on the left-hand side, a by-road near St Mary's school, leads to Bradley Green Farm. At the top of Muslin Street, in the fields to the left, behind Harrison Fold, is Newton House Farm."

I presume Harbour Farm is the one on the Tithe Map marked plot no. 367.

Tom said...

I think you are right Dave, on the map it shows an area named Harbour.. but the farm itself is not named. I knew of Bradley Green Farm.... but not Hicken Farm. My son lives on Hickenfield Road.. so I will check out the map. As for Newton House Farm I'd not heard about that one as well... I hope we can find more out.. cheers for looking into this Dave.

Dave Williams said...

If you look at the part of the old A-Z which is shown on the post of 29 Dec about Cheetham's Farm (Holly Farm), you'll see Newton House Farm is shown and it looks to be about where Birchwood Crescent meets Ferndale (according to Google Earth).

Dave Williams said...

As far as Hicken Farm is concerned, the most logical place for it, looking at the Tithe Maps, is where the group of buildings is shown either side of what is now Hamel Street. It's not the building shown at the corner of what is now Hallbottom Street because, according to Paul's History of the Pubs of Hyde, the Hallbottom Gate Inn was built in 1964 on the same site as an old inn which was built in the early 1800s, and so must be the building at that spot shown on the Tithe Map.

Tom said...

Cheers Dave.. not got round to checking them yet.. been having a swap around with some software today.. I'll check it tomorrow now.

Anonymous said...

Harbour Farm was where the flats are now across from Leigh Fold. My Mum used to go to the farm with a jug for milk, she had to cross a field with a bull in it and was always frightened of it!

Keith Mellor said...

Hickenfield Farmwason Talbot Road, about half way between Hallbottom Street and Hamel Street.
It was farmed by Jack Barker.
When the farm closed (about 1955 to 1960) Jack Barker moved to the bottom house on Hallbottom Street, I think number 47, and ran a milk business from the cellars which had direct access to the outside due to the falling ground.
Keith mellor

Anonymous said...

The Blands owned the farm and the Kenworthy's lived next door. I lived in the quasi-semi just past where the flats are now. My son now lives in one of those flats