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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Well Done Tameside

And Well Done Dave


A couple of weeks ago Dave went to Mottram to take photos of the Blue Plaque commemorating Sir Edmund Shaa which the Tameside website said was on Church Brow in Mottram.


Sir Edmund Shaa
Lord Mayor Of London 1482


The first photo should show the plaque, but the spot was completely covered by foliage. Dave contacted Tameside Council to tell them about this and Friday he had an email saying that they've had the foliage cleared, and the last two photos are what he found when I went there Friday afternoon.
Dave was well pleased and rightly so by another excellent response from Tameside Council!  It was Dave, John Thornley and myself that bought the broken Hyde Lads Club monument to Councillor  Fitzpatrick's attention and he and the council promptly dealt with... well done again to all concerned.


Hydonian said...

Where is the blue plaque located, Dave ?

Dave Williams said...

It's on Church Brow (that's the road opposite the Court House leading up to the church) and it's on the left-hand side as you go up the hill.