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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Zion Rose Queen 'Marian Wilkinson'


Another great photograph from Fred Booth... he says this one was taken around 1938.. and the Rose Queen is Marian Wilkinson. I hope someone reading will recognise themselves or their relation. 


Doesn't she look proud


I hope we find the people on this picture


Fred tells me that he is the little boy seen here, what a great picture this as been to work on... more so as I have been able to scan it myself which as allowed for the close ups to be so clear.


Tom said...

Thanks go to Fred for this great shot... if you were a Rose Queen or maybe your mother or Grandma... I'd love to show more such pictures. They'd make a great collection for the blog. If we could get a few from consecutive years that would be a bonus. Check your photo's. I'm sure you will have some that would be much admired on here.

Hydonian said...

My Mum has some of Phyllis Kempster. She was one of the teachers at Zion . She was a lovely lady and a good friend.
I'll sort them out for the blog, Tom