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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Another disappeared shop.

Number 2 Stockport Road used to be a hairdressers in the 1960's and 70's and has also been, to my knowledge, a secondhand shop....Does anyone else know anything about it?

Yet another business that has disappeared into the depths of time.

Mid 1970's when it was a Hairdressers.

Business closed and for sale.

2012 now a house.
Also, the shop to the right used to be a sweetshop called Bowlers circa  1950-70's . It then became Beryls. Alas, now also housing.

Taken in 2007, showing the location of the shop from another angle.
Thanks Susan :)


westarsteve said...

bowlers sweet shop was one of the nicest sweet shops in hyde and the people who ran it were really friendly you could buy those little bricks of ice cream to put in the cornets another bit of hydes past no longer with us

Anonymous said...

Bowlers sweetshop was great!It had 2 shop windows if I remember correctly.
They used to sell a good selection of sweets and ice creams which were in the shop next door. They were a lovely family.