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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The story of Garbetts Shoes by Jeffrey Stafford

Here we have an article written by Jeffrey Stafford
It is about Garbetts Shoe shop and the Garbett family.





Garbetts Shop "Comfort Corner" on Newton Street / Manchester Road
The Unity Inn on the corner of Croft Street and Oldham Street





Many thanks to Jeffrey. As always, a great account. :)


Marjorie said...

What a wonderful piece of history! I remember the shop well and always had my shoes from there.

downsie21 said...

Great article and great memories as our three children were shod at Garbett's from toddlers to teens.

Trish (nee Garbett) said...

Nice article Jeffrey on my great grandad William Garbett and his family, glad you were able to make use of some of my info and photos from my tree on the ancestry site. May I just add a bit more info on Williams wife Mary (nee Bowers) born in Ironbridge Shropshire 1856 (my great grandma) died on her 91st birthday Nov 1 1947, I think she must have been one tough old lady who just hung on in there to reach her birthday! (another comment will follow with a bit more info regarding the Garbetts)

Trish (nee Garbett) said...

its Trish again, I have a photo of me aged about eight months sat on great grandma Mary's knee, at her house on Apethorn Lane, my dad & grandad are stood behind us, so I did get to meet her! Frank Garbett (my great uncle)died 1950 and is buried with his mother, father and sister Hilda in Hyde cemetery. My grandad John(Jack)is buried with his dear wife May in Hyde cemetery just a few yds from his parents grave. Florence Garbett, the last born married when she was almost forty, and had her only child a year later in 1933. Isobel Garbett(the Motorbike lady from an earlier article I did) actually married Charles H Walmsley in 1922 not 1932, she was his second wife and Charlie was a fair bit older than her. I do remember us visiting great aunt Isobel and uncle Charlie in the 1950s, they lived on Baron Rd Gee Cross. Uncle Charlie was lovely, he taught us how to play crib. He was a regular at his favourite pub, The Queen Adelaide Gee Cross. Isobel Walmsley (nee Garbett) died in 1965 not 1955, and she was aged 79, I wanted to put that right, otherwise it looks like she was born years before her parents married!

John H said...

Back in the '60s one of the Garbetts display-windows contained a small framed photo of a Manchester tram passing under the nearby railway-bridge:the wires for the future trolleybus service which only arrived in 1950 were already in place.The tram-image was dated "April 13 1947".Does anyone know what the significance (of any)of the picture (which also showed up in the window of Garbetts' new and short-lived shop in Market Street) might have been?