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Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Fountain on Hyde Market

As most Hydonian will be aware, the market is in the middle of a revamp.
Here is a photo showing how the market looked in the 1970's - complete with fountain, stone built seating and planters.
The Town Hall can be seen in the background.

I have very fond memories of this market.


Many thanks to Martin Leigh for the photograph .
Much appreciated, Martin !! :)


Tom said...

In the days before pubs stayed open all day this fountain was a magnet for afternoon drunks... they'd been kicked out at 3-30 and would be there until the pubs opened at 5. Some called it the Wishing Well... they wished they'd not spent all there money on booze at dinner time.

Anonymous said...

Great photo, brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

I can remember a certain Thomas and 5 litres ov washing up liquid creating havoc

Steve Woolley

Tom said...

Hi Steve...
I also recall that Edder.. Dave Edwards was there that day... and for days later it was said that Hyde centre had never looked so clean. Alas it did cause some minor traffic problems and certain doorways of shops and pub were block from view and full of suds...
I also know it was the 'first' time it was done and was copied by others..
It really was a funny sight and I'm chuckling to myself now...

tigerboy said...

I remmember the fountain and as I looked at the photo I was recalling to myself that it quite often was full of suds I dissmissed this as a trick of the mind the above comments tell me I was right

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i remember dave edwards had a younger brother lawlrence

David Williams said...

Hi. No Anonymity as really keen to see if anyone can help me in my quest?!
Pretty much grew up in Hyde and definitely went to Leigh Street infants and juniors, so really interested if anyone can help me get photos of classes from I think around 1970 to 1977
Friends reunited just seems to have people from other classes, sadly and saw this blog and thought I would try my luck
Classes with Mrs French, Mr harris and of course Mr drewitt. Any help massively appreciated. As I am sure you will agree, we all start to want to remember our past the older we get and definitely since losing ,my mum in 2012, I really want to see pictures of people I remember very fondly and also want to show my littlies, what daddy looked like waaaaaay back then. Thank you for any assistance. David Williams 1971 to 1977'ish x

Anonymous said...

i went to leigh st during this time dave.
i knew these teachers
mike reynolds