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Monday, 30 July 2012

Zion Whit Walks

Here is a  photo showing the Zion Church Whit Walks circa 1966.

Me and my older sister Jane are the little girls in matching dresses, Linda Shepley is the little girl next to us and she is walking with her Mum, Aunt and little brother John who is in the pushchair. Gladys Hodgson is the lady in the hat at the front leading us. A lovely lady, who was one of the Sunday School teachers.

Williams Glyns Bank can be seen on the corner next to Greenwoods Mens Outfitters and the Town Hall is to the right of the picture.


Werneth Low said...

Sweet! Just thinking though, if this photo was 1966, Gladys Hodgson was teaching me at Zion about 15 years before that - and Phyllis Kempster of course. First song I learned was Jesus bids us shine - bet you couldn't find a child today who knows that! Happy memories all the same.

Bill Lancashire said...

Phyllis Kempster was my Dad's cousin and in her later life I looked after her affairs. She died about five years ago but until her mind failed her she dedicated her life to Zions, just as her parents and grandparents before her had. The name Kempster crops up very regularly in the history of the church.

Interesting to see the three businesses in the background: Granada TV, Greenwoods and Williams & Glyns. None of them around now of course.

Werneth Low said...

Good to hear about Phyllis, Bill. I have a photo taken with her at Zion in 1996 - maybe Nancy will put it on here if I can find it to scan.

Interesting that you should mention the shops seen on the photo. Williams & Glyns occupied the former premises of Boots Cash Chemist and that corner was the nost famous meeting place in Hyde in the old days - "See you at Boots corner!"

Hydonian said...

Phyllis was a lovely lady who also taught me at Zion. She was kindness itself and would help anyone.
She is sadly missed.