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Thursday, 5 July 2012


Over the past week or so we have been receiving some unwarranted and unwelcomed comments, some of them of a racist tone.
Whilst we appreciate the value of free speech, we have decided that any comments that overstep the mark are to be deleted immediately.
We can't understand why anyone would want to spoil what we set out to do which is to post about the town we love.

If you don't like the site and what we choose to post about, PLEASE don't read it.
Racist comments are NOT permitted.


Bill crompton said...

well said,keep up the good work,do not let others spoil your fantastic work.

the tufty club said...

Thank you, I can get as much negativity as I want from the daily papers,bbc news etc. I like to view this site as a interesting forum on all things Hyde related,there must be many different opinions on many issues by the people who view this site, and I dare say whatever your opinion there will be a political forum somewhere to discuss it.We can all accept a bit of light hearted banter, but I do not wish to see this blog hijacked by anybody with a axe to grind, and a will to impose there politics on others. The team is doing a sterling job.

Anonymous said...

I really love reading this page don't let narrow minded bigoted people ruin it. Keep up the good work.

JohnT said...

You are creating an electronic history of Hyde for future generations. Keep up the excellent work. You have my wholehearted support.
Don't let the short sighted retards ruin it!!!

downsie21 said...

There's no accounting for idiotic racism. Do keep on with the good work and keep deleting the .......!

John Taylor said...

No room for bigots here. This is a site that covers the history of Hyde a proud and wonderful town I was privileged to be born in.

You have the responsibility to ensure what the boundaries are so switch the racists off and publish nothing of their selfish rhetoric.

Please keep up the good work!

westarsteve said...

this is a fantastic site you always get people trying to spoil things but there is a time and a place for that and its not on this site keep up the good work many thanks steve