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Monday, 9 July 2012

The Phantom Lorry of Hyde

 Here is a wonderful account of Hyde's very own Phantom Lorry !!
It was written by Jeffrey Stafford and very kindly sent to us by David Stafford. 
Thank you so much, Jeffrey & David !

I had heard about it but hadn't realised it was quite so famous !
Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did !








A map showing the stretch of Mottram Road where the Lorry has been seen.
The New Inn is top right.

Thanks to Google maps. 
The following article was sent to us by CeeCee and also By Eric Downs ! It's great to have people helping us  get information together for the site. Keep it coming !!

Many thanks, CeeCee & Eric :)


the tufty club said...

A backward tribe of half savage natives, he wasn't describing Hattersley, was he. (humour intended)

Bill Lancashire said...

Now what about the spectred hound of Godley Hill?

downsie21 said...

The photo is brilliant. I have two photos from The Reporter Pictorial 1930 but neither of them show the Lorry. If you want the photos I will gladly send them to you.

Hydonian said...

Id love to see the photos, Downsie. I'll add them to the post !
The photo shown is a bit of artistic licence ;)

Hydonian said...

@ Bill - The hound was my favourite story in the History of Hyde. I even did an assembly based on it at school ! :)

Dave Williams said...

The story of the spectre-hound of Godley is related in the comments on this post of 11 July last year.

Werneth Low said...

Well, well, the New Inn! Wonder if these spooky happenings were an omen to the goings on in a house behind the pub some 30 years later.

Incidentally, last time I drove past, the pub was semi-derelict. This was not recently. Wondered what the state of it is today.

Tom said...

I grew up being told story's of this Lorry off my uncle Burt... he could tell a good tale and used to scare me with this one... I was around this area the Joshua Bradley give chase to what he thought was a ghost only to find out it was his shadow being cast onto the fog/mist that came up the valley. The New Inn had it's moments for a friend of mine who was convinced it was haunted... he'd never before considered even thinking they existed.... but still as tales to tell of his time as the landlord.
I have heard that the pub is being redeveloped into apartments.

waterman said...

whilst turning out of hattersley rd west onto mottram rd this morning there was a punto with its front end stoved in, parked just below the new inn, the phantom lorry strikes again????

Hydonian said...

@ Waterman - Spooky !!