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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Eclipse Brewery token

Looking on ebay yesterday, I came across this strange little token.

We found out last year that the Eclipse Brewery stood around the junction of Fernally Street and Mottram Road . I haven't seen the tokens before though.
Does anyone have any knowledge of these?



Tom said...

Same here Nancy.. never seen one of these.... I might put this on my watch list.

Anonymous said...

when I worked there in the sixty's after school and holidays we used to sell these to customers on the pop round for there christmas beer and spirits, wine orders just like a christmas club,just before christmas we used to go down the cellar side of the bankfield pub and clean dust the bottles ready for delivery sometimes we had to sample them ha ha barry

Hydonian said...

Thanks for your information,Barry.
That's a great idea when you think about it !

Anonymous said...

The address of Eclipse Brewery is given as Mottram Road. Tel Hyde 3570.

Jean said...

It was Andrew and Atkinsons that was at the side of The Bankfield, Eclipse Brewery stood on Mottram Road.

the tufty club said...

£42 this just went for on ebay. Wish I had a bucket full of them

Hydonian said...

Blimey !!
1 shilling = £42
Great exchange rate !

Tom said...

I watched this myself Nancy as a matter of interest... last time I looked it was up to £17.. To go for £42 shows how rare this must have been... I'll certainly keep my eyes open for any.

ceecee said...

i see this token is back on sale on ebay on a buy it now price of £42 or make an offer so either it wasn't paid for or the seller had 2 of them as they are both being sold from the same location. makes me wonder what i could get for my town hall opening medal & my george v jubilee medal

Tom said...

It makes you think.. who ever the winning bidder was last time had a good feed back and bought and sold coins, tokens and medals.. I suppose if you found a few of these tokens and you had an idea they were rare it would be a good way to test the water to see how much they are worth... then slip the others on after..
The medals you have Ceecee have been on Ebay in the past... 'I think' but I can't recall how much..
If I was going to sell such a thing now I would included a short history of the town hall and a picture of two, to go with them.. it might add far more to the overall value.

I have seen a few of these medals and know they are out there... but these tokens I'd not seen or heard of before and it could be these would be worth more than the medals.

Anonymous said...

Andrew and Atkinsons, George Woods and Eclipse brewery were the same company that started life in Bradford Manchester. Just around where the City ground is now.
Eclipse in Hyde was run by Eric Thomson and his two brothers Jack and Richard. Richard was in charge of brewing the stone jars.
Eric's son Chris is still around the area somewhere. Many happy years spent as a delivery driver. I could have obtained a bucket load of those tokens. HD

Anonymous said...

Eclipse brewery was situated where the Morrisons supermarket is now in Hyde. It was behind a garage called Turbine Gears. The company then became G Wood and Sons. They then purchased Andrew and Atkinson on Taylor Street off Mottram Road. From there the company moved to Throstle Bank mill. Further acquisitions were Barretts of Ashton, Rothwells wholesalers, Hills soft Drinks of Padiham and Calder Soft Drinks Burnley.
The tokens were sold throughout the year to be cashed at Christmas for bottles of Sherry or sweet white Spanish wine. Eclipse was an offshoot of Henry Hurdous of Oldham. They were herbal beverage Brewers.