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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Leigh Street Infants.

A couple more photographs from Joyce Pattison here.
Leigh Street Infants circa 1965/1966.

I recognise a few old friends on these including Christine Worthington, Martin Pattison (r.i.p.) , Christine Lanigan, Susan Aris, Sandra Lee and John Hampson.

I will endeavour to list them all when I have some time (and help) !


Mrs Shaws classroom in the background.

I loved her class. She gave you sweets for reading the cards without any mistakes (probably why I learnt to read so early and easily) and there was always a little fire burning in the grate. I even remember my coat peg symbol which was an umbrella !! Aww...happy days !

Many thanks, Joyce . Great to see them again. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see the inside of Leigh St Infants again.

That hall clock must have been on that wall from the day they built the place till the day they knocked it down. :)

Mrs Shaw's classroom was Miss Pickford's by the time I was there, and my coat peg picture was a tortoise.

westarsteve said...

miss shaw was a lovely lady and i remember the fire in the grate and my symbol was an umberella what a lovely school i remember having a sleep in the afternoons a bit like i do now 40 years on ha ha

Hydonian said...

@ Steve - Aww, we both had the umbrella symbol coat peg :)