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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Godley School Classes From The 1920's

This photograph is a wonderful insight into school classrooms in the 1920s. The school shown is Godley School on High Street.
This picture was sent to us, with some others, from Stephen Burton who tells us that his mums older stepbrother is in the photo and sadly he passed away not many years later.

Many thanks to Stephen


Tom said...

Fantastic picture... well done done Nancy on the link it really is better to see all the details... I would have liked to have seen all the stuff in the cupboards at the back. My dad was born in 1912 so this would be the kind of schooling he would have had...

JohnT said...

Great photo, I wonder what the markings are on the desks?

Anonymous said...

Are the desks made of slate ? maybe the markings are timestables? wonderful photo simpler times