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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Joseph Adamsons.

Perusing Ebay this week,  I saw this interesting article for sale.

As Joseph Adamsons played a huge part of Hyde's past history I should imagine this will be extremely collectable. ....


DATED 1942.

Joseph Adamson and Company were, at one time, known all over the world for their engineering skills and products. Boiler making was just one of their specialities.. 

Joseph's uncle, Daniel Adamson, was the founder of the Manchester Ship Canal. Adamsons was a big employer at one time, but, like a lot, it fell by the wayside and it has now been split into units, shops and a transport yard which are now collectively known as Adamsons Industrial Estate.


Tom said...

I've got this on my 'watch list' on Ebay to see just how much this goes for. There must be quite a few plaques and such from Hyde's many manufactures... would be nice if we could get a few more to show.

Jeffrey Stafford said...

The firm of Joseph Adamson was established in 1874 by Joseph Adamson in partnership with Harry Booth, who retired in 1887. Adamson's two sons were then taken into partnership in 1902. The business was carried on by the sons after Adamson's death in 1920 until 1925, when the partnership was dissolved leaving the eldest son, Daniel, as sole proprietor of the business, assisted by his two sons, G.H.Adamson and J.Adamson

terry said...

i have a plaque looks like the same size as the one in photo,on mine is EC 1937 TO LIFT 15 TONS IT CAME FROM B.S.C THEN CORUS BUT WHEN THE CRANE WAS INSTALLED IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RICHARD THOMAS &BALDWINS AT EBBW VALE WORKS SOUTH WALES.Ibelieve it came from a crane in the roll shop